Sylvie Plamondon

From the age of 5, Sylvie’s dream was to become a stage performer. From that point on, she was enrolled in ballet classes.

Following numerous years of rigorous training, she joined the famous Toronto based Desrosiers Dance Theatre company, with who she performed and collaborated for over 10 years, while completing a Masters degree in Dance Interpretation.

Sylvie eventually returned to her native Québec, where she joined Cirque Éos, a young emerging circus company, where she worked as artistic director, choreographer, as well as coach and trainer.

Her vast experience in dance allowed her to impart her knowledge to these young athletes and transform them into graceful performers, teaching them how to master body movement and choreography interpretation through their technical circus disciplines.

Sylvie is credited for having choreographed several of Cirque Éos’ most popular routines, including the award-winning Duo on Aerial Hoop, as well as a unique and stunning multiple aerial silks act that featured five performers interweaving while flying in mid-air.

A lover of nature and of physical exercise, Sylvie tried her hand at Zip-Line and quickly became one of the best and most in-demand instructors at Duchêsnay, the same company that also owns and operates the world famous Québec Ice Hotel. He enthusiasm and good nature earned her an invitation to become an official hostess of the hotel, to which she obliged for several winters.

Always looking to further her knowledge of the dynamics of movement and of the human body, Sylvie then put her efforts into becoming a Certified Pilates instructor with the Ann McMillan Pilates Center. She is now an active Pilates coach, and while continuing to further her education within the center, Sylvie is introducing myofascial and posture notion techniques into her work with various age groups.

Whether you are looking for an artist, a coach, a choreographer, an instructor or a trainer, Sylvie has the tools to help you improve, regardless of the shape you’re in!!