Pilates Instructor

Everyone who cares about his physical shape, his body alignment and posture has this new American approach to look forward to: the Pilates method (by the name of its originator). In fact, this method is not new: it has been existing for 60 years. Its objectives are as follows: to reinforce the back and the posture, to maximize the force and the endurance, to strengthen the abdominal muscles, to find the flexibility, to maintain a good blood circulation , to invigorate the muscles while refining the silhouette, to target the pains and the tensions while attenuating the stress and to improve the athletic performance. It consists in a whole program, which is done carefully,  without any shock or violence. The method includes more than 500 exercises, combining breathing with movement. It is so effective that it is advised by several specialists of body rehabilitation, in order to regain all flexibility after medical treatments. Several athletes follow this program to optimize their balance, their endurance, their posture as well as their shape. From the performing athlete to the sedentary person determined to regain a good shape, anyone can benefit from the Pilates method. I offer my private services, in group, on your premises, or in any place which you will choose.

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