Parcours artistique,
Sylvie Plamondon

Quebec, CA

Choreographer: Carrefour International de Théâtre; Ou tu vas quand tu dors en marchant .  Edition 2015

Actor-entertainer; "Les Labyrinthes Du Québec".
Director Cabrioles:
Performing Miss Popine and Miss Terre for many events
Development of a corporative concept and creation of special characters for dance acts
Certified Pilates Instructor; Laval University, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Porneuf, many other's and private consultation.
Artistic Consultant for singers, dancers, acrobats, skaters etc.

Montreal, CA
Artistic and postural coach; Cirque Du Soleil
Masters Degree; Universite of Quebec in Montreal

San Diego, EU

Artistic director, Dance Performer and Tour director, Cirque Plus

Quebec, CA
Direction, artistic creation and staging of Chinook, Year’s final production, École de Cirque de Québec
Choreographer, director, artistic consultant and artist for companies such as;
Les productions Cirque Eos : Creation of IMAGINAIRE & CHAPITO and in charge
of the corporate events
Cirque Plus
École de Cirque de Québec
Chanson Nouvelle (choreographer for 2000 choir members)
Les Productions Richard Aubé
Les Productions Artamuse

Toronto, Ontario
IProductions around the world as a Dancer & Performer for the Desrosiers Dance Theatre:
États- Unis
Hong Kong,
Dance creations and productions:
Plamondanse, “Reaching for balance”
STAC ; Studio Serie DanceMakers, first production evening show
Fringe Festival, Vol au Vent
Bathurst Street Theater, with the support of the Ontario Arts Council
“Auto Genesis for two,” Pavlychenco Studio
Oh well, Danceworks

Other passions :
Photography, dog sledding, gardening